“Nina is an absolute force

- Camilla, CEO

Talks that unleash brilliance, so your organization can move beyond ANY limit—from innovation & creativity speaker Nina Meehan.

Nina Meehan
Nina Meehan



Nina works with tech CEOs, DAOs and Web3 folks, venture capitalists, wealth managers, and educators…

Across all of these sectors over time, she discovered the same fundamental truth:

That, when you or your team are stuck, it always comes down to one of THREE things…

The Three Cs


Something new wants to be brought into the world but it feels impossible to make it happen.


You have an important story to tell but, when you put it out there into the world, it’s just not landing.


You’re missing your core, human need for real, honest relationship.

Signature Keynote

Free Your Brilliance

Move Beyond Any Limit

If we want to unleash our brilliance, we must first understand why we’re stuck in inaction.

In this inspirational, high-impact keynote, Nina lays out a series of questions to help audiences uncover the blocks hindering team collaboration, innovation, and growth.

The result? Your organization can solve big problems, go beyond its limits, and do what’s never been done before.

This Keynote is Ideal for Those:
  • Feeling defeated after not making the progress they’d hoped for
  • Uncertain about what steps to take to get unstuck
  • Losing time and money to a lack of focus
  • Fearful of change—or failure
Audiences Will Walk Away With:
  • Nina’s roadmap to get to the root of stuck and go beyond what they imagined possible
  • A formula that will help them uncover what they want, what drives them, and how to get where they want to go
  • The tools to crack the challenges of modern living through creativity, communication, and connection

Help Your Organization Move Beyond Any Limit


Creative Spark

Kindle Your Highest Potential

Creativity is a mindset that allows us to see the world through a lens of, “Anything is possible.”

In this keynote, audiences will learn to embrace the power of divergent thinking, so they can overcome resistance, free their inner creative, and experience breakthrough after breakthrough.

Audiences Will Walk Away With:
  • A mindset that will help them bust through perfectionism
  • Actionable ways to harness creativity as a superpower
  • Tips on how to take better risks and innovate more boldly

Story Power

Communicate Your Breakthrough Ideas

Effective storytelling engages our imaginations, moving us beyond a fixed perspective into a realm of possibilities.

Audiences will discover simple story structures that will transform how they communicate, so they can get people on board with their best ideas.

Audiences Will Walk Away With:
  • A powerful tool they can use to transform their communications
  • A deeper understanding of how to influence, engage, and inspire
  • A framework to better understand others

Connected Cultures

What We All Need to Get Along

Identifying what others need is a superpower that can be learned—but it first requires empathy, understanding, and an open mind.

In this talk, attendees will learn how to deepen trust, intimacy, and connection to foster a culture of innovation, collaboration, and support.

Audiences Will Walk Away With:
  • A definition of what meaningful interactions look like in practice
  • Tools to get to know someone beyond their job title
  • Strategies to read any room, so they set the right tone from the get-go

Hi, I'm Nina.

As a kid with dyslexia, sitting in class always felt like torture. But then recess would come, and I’d go outside to create whichever imaginary world I wanted. That knack for creative thinking has been my compass ever since.

I ended up going on to build what became the largest professional theater company for young audiences in California, reaching over a million people with our programming, and bringing over 60 world-premiere musicals into the world—including a trailblazing musical based on Chelsea Clinton’s bestselling book, She Persisted.

Today, my work is all about freeing people from the confines of their circumstances at the intersections of creativity, communication, and connection.

No matter whether I’m delivering a keynote, leading a workshop, or coaching clients from the tech or web3 world, supporting wealth managers or venture capitalists, or empowering educators and nonprofits, I’m always focused on the same thing:

Unleashing brilliance, so individuals, teams, and organizations can move beyond ANY limit.

Learn more about what this looks like in practice

Nina Meehan

Nina knows how to motivate, inspire, and captivate a crowd.

She is a truly dynamic speaker. I’ve had the pleasure of working with her and watching her in action at multiple conferences across the country, and she knocks it out of the park every time."
Johnathan Shmidt Chapman
Founder & CEO, The K’ilu Company