Hi, I'm Nina.

I’m an innovation, creativity, and communication expert who loves exploding creative boundaries.

That’s how, for almost two decades, I founded and bootstrapped an award-winning, multi-million dollar entertainment company.

With grit and determination, I built the company from the ground up, creating programs and performances that reached over a million people worldwide.

The best part was:

It didn’t matter if we were in a production meeting or a budget meeting, we learned to bring the same creative mindset to everything we did.

But I wanted to use the skills I’d developed as a creative leader, award-winning director, and playwright to inspire even MORE people.

As I moved into coaching and consulting in the corporate world, I realized that organizations are FULL of brilliant individuals and teams who are stuck. Meaning: There’s a limit to how much they see is possible.

So, I developed a system that integrated the tools I’d learned as a creative leader and artist to uplift people in the workforce to their highest potential.

Today, my work is all about freeing brilliance.

No matter whether I’m coaching clients from the tech or web3 worlds, supporting wealth managers or venture capitalists, or empowering educators and nonprofits, I ALWAYS focus on the same thing:

Helping you and your organization move beyond ANY limit.

When most people try to get unstuck, they focus on the PROBLEM and don’t get anywhere.

But, if we want to find SOLUTIONS, we need to think OUTSIDE the box and explore new ways of seeing the world.

When we open our minds in that way, it can lead to a profound shift in what we believe we can do—whether we’re building a breakthrough product or working toward our next round of funding.

It’s then we can unleash our FULL brilliance and build engaged, high-performing organizations that can adapt to meet ANY challenge.

Official Bio

Nina Meehan began her career as the CEO and Founder of award-winning, multi-million dollar children’s entertainment company. She is an innovation, creativity, and communication expert and an internationally recognized director, playwright, and producer.

An “explosion of positive energy”, she works with leaders, teams, and organizations as a speaker, consultant, and facilitator to unleash their brilliance so they can move beyond any limit.

Nina learned about breakthrough thinking through her work as a creative leader, developing immersive, interactive programming for a million people worldwide. Her work in musical theater includes a trailblazing musical based on Chelsea Clinton’s bestselling book, She Persisted, a zany adaption of Press Here, the longest-running picture book on the New York Times bestseller list, and an adaption of Grumpy Monkey for the Tony award-winning Pasadena Playhouse.

She brings a unique brand of passion to everything she touches—be it directing a world-premiere musical, leading an unconventional workshop on creativity, coaching a brand new web3 DAO, empowering a CEO to raise millions in funding, or guiding an organization to create an entirely new division.

A two-time TEDx speaker, she has spoken at places like Chicago Women in Tech, Wonder Women in Tech, the University of Utah, Northwestern University, the Entrepreneur’s Organization, the National Endowment for the Arts, and Visioni in Bologna, an international performing arts festival.

Her work has been spotlighted in numerous publications including The New York Times, the Los Angeles Times, the San Francisco Chronicle, and on ABC, NBC, and CBS News. 

She holds a Bachelor of Science in Theatre from Northwestern University, a Master’s of Nonprofit Administration from the University of San Francisco, and is currently working toward her Ph.D. in Creativity, Innovation, and Leadership. She is a certified yoga instructor.

When not consulting, training, or speaking, Nina can be found hiking in the mountains, on a lake doing stand-up paddleboard yoga, or cross-country skiing with her three kids.

How can Nina help your leaders and teams free their brilliance?

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  • Tapping into your highest potential
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