Inspiration Unleashed

Coaching that helps you see possibility everywhere, so you can create the kind of results you WANT—at work and in life.

What does it mean to free your brilliance at work?

It’s about freeing yourself from your inner limits, so you can see the possibilities that exist.

  • Unlocking your creativity to bring new ideas into the world, even when the path seems unclear.
  • Telling stories that resonate, so others get inspired to make things happen ALONGSIDE you.
  • Building meaningful connections that build the trust it takes to do things differently… together.

When you FREE your brilliance in this way,

your creativity, innovation, and leadership take center stage.

You feel ENERGIZED by the work you’re doing, OPTIMISTIC about the future, and INSPIRED to explore what’s next.

Nina can help get you there.

Where do you feel MOST stuck?

Nina’s proprietary From Here to There process guides individuals, teams, and organizations through four, simple steps:


where you are

Identify why you are stuck, so you know where to focus your energy and time.


the question

What outcome do you want?

 Go Deeper 

Figure out the bigger WHY that’s driving that want.


for Creativity, Communication, or Connection

Because it ALWAYS, ALWAYS comes down to one of those three.

Nina’s coaching is grounded in positivity, inspired by your goals, and driven by a focus on generating real results.