Workshops that free your organization.

Not by thinking OUTSIDE the box. But by imagining a world in which the box does not exist.

How can you release your organization from the past, so you don’t just PREDICT the future, but CREATE it? In other words, how do you get from HERE to where you want to be?

Nina has crafted theater and immersive arts experiences for over a million people.

She knows better than anyone how FEAR tries to keep us on familiar pathways that prevent us from reaching our highest potential.

As an award-winning director and playwright who founded a multi-million dollar organization, she learned firsthand how cultivating a mindset of “ANYTHING is possible” unleashes us to take brave leaps forward.

Her workshops boldly venture where others dare not to build connectedness, foster adaptability, harness joy, and grow organizations WITHOUT limits.

Nina’s Customizable Workshops

Signature Workshop

Free Your Brilliance

This immersive experience converges at the intersections of connection, communication, and creative expression to help attendees solve big problems, generate new ideas, and move beyond ANY limit.

Participants internalize concepts learned from the Free Your Brilliance keynote by leaving their inhibitions at the door and opening themselves up to exciting, new, shared experiences.

Participants will experience an instantly applicable shift in their ability to:
  • Connect in more fun and meaningful ways
  • Communicate what they want
  • Tap into their creativity to overcome obstacles
Creativity Workshop

Creativity for Solving Complex Problems

The ability to generate creative ideas is increasingly in demand. Practical creativity is about applying creative thinking to problem-solving to see solutions instead of roadblocks.

This hands-on training equips your team to strengthen their creative muscles, so they can be present to new ideas without fear or perfectionism standing in the way.

Participants will experience an instantly applicable shift in their ability to:
  • Turn challenges into opportunities
  • Harness their innate creative potential to break through roadblocks
  • Come up with innovative ways to solve complex problems
Communication Workshop

Storytelling: The Language of Leadership Success

Storytelling is a leadership communication skill that can have a major impact on teams and organizations. It should be at the heart of every business.

This step-by-step training empowers attendees to transform their existing communications into structured narratives that uplevel every interaction or presentation.

Participants will experience an instantly applicable shift in their ability to:
  • Simplify complex concepts by framing them in familiar narratives
  • Persuade others through their presentations and pitches
  • Effectively promote new products, services, or ideas
Connection Workshop

Creating a Connection Culture

Foster Cultures of Innovation, Collaboration, and Support

The key to fostering cultures of innovation, collaboration, and support is connection. Without a connection culture, your organization risks falling behind.

This interactive workshop provides attendees with the tools they need to practice empathy and identify what others need. The result: greater trust, intimacy, and connection—whether at the individual or team level.

Participants will experience an instantly applicable shift in their ability to:
  • Cultivate trust, mutual respect, and collaboration
  • Navigate meetings and interactions with more comfort and ease
  • Strengthen their relationships through understanding and acknowledgment