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Nina Meehan
Award-Winning Director & Playwright
Innovation, Creativity & Communication Expert
2x TEDx Speaker


Ever notice how we put so many limitations on ourselves?

A combination of shoulds and fears and “This is how it's always been dones”?

But when we permit ourselves, our teams, and our companies to see through a lens of, “Anything is possible”, those limitations start to melt away…

Our worlds open up.

And we set ourselves free to live OUTSIDE the box.

That’s the power of a creative mindset.

Hi, I'm Nina.

I’m an innovation, creativity, and communication expert who loves exploding creative boundaries.

That’s how, for almost two decades, I founded and bootstrapped an award-winning, multi-million dollar entertainment company.

With grit and determination, I built the company from the ground up, creating programs and performances that reached over a million people worldwide.

The best part was:

It didn’t matter if we were in a production meeting or a budget meeting, we learned to bring the same creative mindset to everything we did.

But I wanted to use the skills I’d developed as a creative leader, award-winning director, and playwright to inspire even MORE people.

As I moved into coaching and consulting in the corporate world, I realized that organizations are FULL of brilliant individuals and teams who are stuck. Meaning: There’s a limit to how much they see is possible.

So, I developed a system that integrated the tools I’d learned as a creative leader and artist to uplift people in the workforce to their highest potential.

Today, my work is all about freeing brilliance.

No matter whether I’m coaching clients from the tech or web3 worlds, supporting wealth managers or venture capitalists, or empowering educators and nonprofits, I ALWAYS focus on the same thing:

Helping you and your organization move beyond ANY limit.

Think: Practical reality meets the big picture.

By increasing our capacity to embrace new ideas, we get to solve complex problems, take bold chances, and do what we’ve never done before.

In other words, we can take on challenges with ease.

No matter the occasion or industry, my process to make this happen looks the same:

Helping you, your team, and your organization identify the root problem behind why you’re stuck, and then leading you through a series of questions to free your minds.

Because only then can you unleash your full brilliance.

It’s a simple and powerful process that has ignited creativity, innovative problem-solving, and self-driven engagement for people around the world. 

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How can Nina help your leaders and teams free their brilliance?

Instantly applicable insights about:

  • Tapping into your highest potential
  • Creativity and innovation
  • Effective communication 
  • Cultures of collaboration and support

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Workshops that share how to:

  • Move beyond any limit
  • Kindle your creative spark
  • Communicate breakthrough ideas
  • Deepen trust and improve teamwork

Inspire your leaders and teams.

What this leads to…


Individuals are set free to unlock their creativity, overcome obstacles, and unleash their brilliance.


Teams come together to solve big problems, think beyond their limits, and strengthen connections.


Organizations with the creative strength to take on future challenges with confidence and bravery.

Nina is truly a one-of-a-kind speaker, and I cannot recommend her highly enough.

I’ve had the honor and privilege of hiring Nina to teach and lead workshops and speak at events across the world for the past 10 years. She is an engaging speaker who knows how to connect to her audience, is humorous in her delivery, and finds a way to bring life to the room and life to the people after they leave the event.”
Marty Johnson
Head of School, Academy of Pop