Calling All Moms. We are Enough.

by Nina Meehan

Calling all moms!!  I have a radical proposition.  Let’s just stop with our mom-guilt.  

The guilt over:

  • Not Doing Enough
  • Not Being Enough
  • Not Providing Enough
  • Not Giving Enough 

What if for just one minute, we let ourselves stop and breathe.  Close our eyes and tell ourselves, “I am ENOUGH.”  

Let me say that again, YOU ARE ENOUGH.  Right now, just as you are.  

Breathe in.  Breathe Out.

  • Your Love is Enough
  • Your Presence is Enough
  • Your Compassion is Enough
  •  Your Patience is Enough

Over the past two years, we have been pushed beyond our limits and then pushed some more.  And, now that things are, hopefully, starting to baby step back to something vaguely familiar, I am reminding myself of this every day.  How am I doing this?

When I wake up in the morning, before I look at my email, before I check my slack messages or my text messages or my social media, before I deep-dive study the calendar for the day as if it is a complex legal document, I keep my eyes closed and tell myself, “I am enough. Right now in this moment.  Only this moment exists.  The past has already happened and I cannot change it.  The future has not happened yet and I can’t control it.  So, all that matters is right now.  And right now, I am enough.”

Ok, honesty…SOME days, I do this…and others, I wake up to a small child jumping on me and asking for Fruity Cheerios.  And most days, I tell stories in my head about how I’m letting my kids have too much electronics time.  I tell stories in my head that I’m not getting my kids out on walks when I should.  I tell stories in my head that I’m not supporting my staff enough at work.  I tell stories in my head that I should be eating healthier etc. etc. etc. 

So, today, I am giving myself permission and I’m inviting all the other Mamas out there to quiet those stories in our heads.  And instead:

Breathe in.  Breathe Out.  Enough.